Sustainability is not a buzz word: Its a way of life…

Everitt Farms is an ultra sustainable family farm based on the principles of hard work, honesty and sustainability.

We know sustainable means a lot of different things to different people so here’s what it means to us:

Minimal harm to the environment. We believe in producing the best quality with the least long term effect on the world. That means doing most of the work by hand, using permanent growing beds, buying and saving heirloom seeds, building soil and keeping food in our local food shed.

The Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Tree lot are located on the family homestead on the South side of Alameda between Hoyt and Garrison!!

In order to further our dream of a fully self sufficient farmstead we have chosen to move to Idaho!!

Even though we have chosen to move we will continue to run our Pumpkin Patch (cutest one in town if I do say so myself!) and sell Christmas Trees  aka Holiday bushes 🙂 with a fire pit at our family location in Lakewood CO!!