Who We Are and What We Do…

EVERITT FARMS is owned by Derek and Kamise Mullen. Both Derek and Kamise were born and raised in Lakewood, CO.

Kamise was raised on the last remaining piece of her family’s 1876 homestead just west of the corner of Alameda Ave and Garrison St.

Kamise grew up outside, riding horses, playing in the fields, skiing and snowboarding, backpacking, rock climbing and biking with her father. She has a passion for the outdoors and preserving our natural environment.  The future of our world is what drives everything she does.



Derek was raised just 3 miles north in the Morse park area (also on Garrison).

Derek is a traditionally trained fine builder.  From his father and uncles he learned cabinetry, high end custom home building, framing, furniture making and more. He is an avid skier and backpacker and loves being outdoors. Derek spent his adult life dreaming of tearing out parking lots and building community farms, and tearing out neighborhoods and creating self-sufficient communities.

Together, with the goal of providing locally sustainably grown food for their large, blended family of 8 and their community, they started Everitt Farms. Now they grow food, raise livestock and build tiny homes for others.