The Farm

We started Everitt Farms in 2012 with the vision of growing (and raising) all our own food and providing high quality, locally grown food to our community…

And that is what we do…

We have moved the farm to Idaho. Last season was spent generally getting things up and going for the 2020 season! Now we are well on the way to growing food for the community we live in, on a beautiful leased parcel. We are in process of purchasing land to begin building our new homestead an family legacy.

Our agricultural practices grow not just healthy food but maybe more importantly healthy soil.  We say “more importantly” because healthy soil produces healthy meat and veggies and a healthy environment, including carbon sequestration and improved soil moisture retention and all these things produce health people!!

We currently have a small livestock collection for personal use, consisting of chickens, turkeys, ducks, and goats. This season we will be expanding our livestock to add heritage breed pigs (Gloucestershire Old Spots, Tamworth and Mangalitsa), and sheep (Icelandic and  for lamb and fiber. Our lovely small herd of goats, now includes a Saanen buck, that (hopefully) will expand our milking stock! Our pork and lamb will available at market along with our other handmade products!

Farming is not a hobby, it is who we are!

Everitt Farms is a family farm based on the principles of hard work, honesty, resilience and self-reliance. We attempt to use the best possible farming practices to raise livestock, and grow high quality nutritionally dense food that will be available to our community.

Even though we have chosen to move we will continue to run our Christmas Tree lot, aka Holiday bushes 🙂 with a fire pit on our family homestead from 1871 located on the South side of Alameda between Hoyt and Garrison in Lakewood CO!!