The process…

There are a few options for your custom cabin purchase:

1- Purchase a completed custom cabin as is from us.

2- Chose from a series of designs that we have completed, we build it for you with your choice of basic options.

3- We work with you to design and build you a fully custom cabin from the ground up.

Things to think about:

  • How many sq/ft. Or foot print size
  • What is your style?  (modern, rustic, Victorian, mid-century…)
  • Do you want a Loft or bedroom?
  • What kind of bathroom do you want?  (full bath with claw foot tub, 3/4 bath with shower, no bath…)
  • Will you have access to plumbing/septic for a flush toilet, and drain for sinks/shower?
  • Do you want a composting toilet and grey water tank?
  • Can you have a leech field for grey water?
  • What type of heat? (Wood burning stove, gas, or electric heat)
  • Do you have access to electrical?
  • Do you want a solar set up?
  • Do you need a washer and dryer?
  • Full size or apartment size kitchen appliances?
  • And the hardest question, whats your budget?

The process…

  • We sit with you to discuss what your dream cabin would be.
  • We draw a preliminary 3-d sketch based off our conversation, from this we give a price estimate. (This will include options as discussed. If there are modifications to this in the process we will update pricing at that time)
  • If you chose to move forward, we collectively sign a contract. At this time we ask for 1/3rd down to begin the process.
  • We draw a detailed 3-D model and materials list including preliminary interior/exterior finishes, appliance choices, utility lay out…
  • Frame your cabin
  • Finish exterior (roof, windows, siding, doors…)
  • Finalize interior finish choices
  • 2nd 1/3rd cost payment
  • Finish cabin (custom cabinets, built-ins, interior trim, appliances, painting, test utilities…)
  • Delivery  (200 miles from Teton County Idaho included)
  • Inspection, punch list, and final payment.
  • You have the cabin of your dreams. ?