Custom Cabins

Our cabins are built with 2 things in mind: 1- sustainability and 2- livability. Amazingly these overlap more then expected!

With sustainability in mind we chose to use all reclaimed, recycled or local materials. We take down barns, garages and other buildings for materials. We side with beetle kill pine harvested and milled locally, we insulate with local sheep wool. (

To create the most livable and movable home, 20150502_103225we build to a wider footprint (10′-14′) creating a more comfortable and spacious living area. The sheep wool creates a warm and comforting feel to the cabin in both summer and winter. We hand build custom windows and cabinets in traditional mortise and tenon construction, giving both charm and beauty to our cabins. The windows are each one of a kind examples of the finest quality craftsmanship. They are single pane with the option of traditional shutters to keep your cabin snug on the coldest nights. Doors are all hand built from solid wood with an out swing to maximize floor space and insulation properties.

Our cabins include:

Full Kitchens including appliances* and custom cabinetsDSCF4659

Full Bathrooms including composting toilet, bathtub and shower

Options include:

Septic tie in or Sewer tie in

City water tie in or gray water tank

Solar power or grid electric

Foundations or piers

Permitting assistance